Trends Impacting on NHS Leadership

On Friday I got to spend the morning with some very senior NHS leaders looking at the future of leadership development.

As part of the exercise we developed a mindmap of the trends impacting on leadership in the NHS at the moment.  I managed to record the trends in the map below. I have probably missed some though.

I hope you find it useful.

If you think of a trend that is not reflected in the map please mention it in the comments below, and I will get it added to the map.


  1. Umesh Prabhu says

    Dear Mike, NHS needs value based leaders. Leaders values must be patient at the heart of everything they do and happy staff = happy patients. Every Trust Board must work with their staff and define their values and value based behaviours expected from leaders and managers. All leaders must be appointed based on these values. Leaders must have annual feedback from those who are affected by their leadership and leaders and managers must be held to account to see they comply with these values.

    Just by asking our staff about values and appointing value based leaders and effective and robust governance and excellent staff and patient engagement; our Trust has been completely transformed. Of course we are not perfect and still long way to go. But compared to 2009 today 450 less patients die each year, all 22 quality measurements have improved, we have 200 patient safety champions and our staff feedback has improved by 25 to 30% and we got 15 Awards and our leadership is very diverse. So it is all about values, value based leaders who promote excellent culture and who work with staff and have robust governance. Of course we do have excellent relation with GPs, CCGs and also social services.

  2. Itai Nyamatore says

    There is correlation between diversity in the leadership and the quality of care delivered at the frontline (Roger Kline, 2014) I do not see where Equality & Inclusion in Leadership is highlighted in the Mind Map of leadership. This needs adding in.

    • admin says

      Thank you so much! there was conversation about it when we were talking about the changing demographic of the workforce – but I agree with you – it needs a more explicit mention. I have added a branch on Diverse Workforce ‘Greater knowledge and skills around leading diverse and inclusive organisations’ which I have also linked over to patient centred care to reflect that the issue matters there too. Do you think this is sufficient?

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