Affordable and Effective Training to Help You Be a Better Manager

I am pleased to say that, in partnership with Canopy Housing, I am running the first set of Be a Better Manager workshops in Leeds.  There will be one half day workshop each month.  Each workshop will be supported with written materials, including forms and examples supplied at the workshops, and additional advice and support published the Be A Better Manager website.

15th October – How To Be An Outstanding Manager

12th November – Brilliant 121s and other meetings – a systematic approach to managing people

17th December – Giving and Getting Great Feedback that drives performance

21st January – Developing potential – Manager as Performance Coach

18th February – Effective Delegation – Getting More Done Well

18th March – Time and Priority Management

Each workshop can stand alone – but taken together they provide a comprehensive system for management that produces great results.


    • admin says

      Hi Simone. Total costs for each workshop are £86.40 – which is basically £75 plus VAT and Eventbrite Fee. Just click the links and you will see further information on each workshop including costs.

      Hope this helps.


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