What should we conclude from a complaint rate of 0.048%?

You serve a million customers a day in a complex and emotionally demanding business.

Each day that generates 480 complaints.

A complaint rate of 0.048%.

Surely a cause for celebration.  But not complacency.  One complaint IS one too many.

But this is a remarkably low complaints rate.  Perhaps suspiciously low.

I pinged out the following tweet:

Tweet 1

And the (almost immediate) responses I got were fascinating….

Tweet 2

Not much delight here!

Tweet 3

And this is an intuitive and perhaps constructive and appreciative response

Tweet 4

Tweet 5 (tweeted from a locked account )

So, do we use the data to conclude that our service is pretty good and capable of further significant improvement?

Or do we use it to consider whether we really understand the nature of customer experience and how we might uncover it more accurately?  I have seen previous examples of complaints and satisfaction processes used to paint a pre-ordained picture rather than to uncover valuable data from which we might all learn.

Could this be what is going on here?

I suspect the outstanding manager does both.


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