Pick My Brains?

Almost everyday someone asks if they can ‘pick my brains’.  Or if I will just ‘help them out’.

In the past I have usually said ‘of course’. But not any more!

I simply need to manage my own time more effectively as there are only 168 hours in the week!

So, if you would like to pick my brains about management and leadership in general, or talk through a specific situation, here is how you can do it.

  1. Just google it – I have written over 1000 blog posts and articles on management, leadership, enterprise, innovation and strategy.  If you want my take on it just add ‘mike chitty’ to your google search terms and you might get lucky!
  2. Subscribe to my site.  It costs nothing and means you will get free practical resources to help you Be a Better Manager
  3. Ask me a question using the contact form.  You will see it on the menu at the top of the site.  I will do my best to answer personally – especially if you have SUBSCRIBED to my site!
  4. Come to a public seminar – I offer 90 minute, half day and full day training events – see them here
  5. Book a session with me – over the phone or face to face – I charge £120 per hour plus VAT – but you only pay IF you are happy with the session
  6. Become a private coaching/consulting client – I only have limited capacity – but get in touch if you would be interested in developing a longer term coaching/consulting relationship

Hope that helps!