The Secret Formula for Outstanding Management

The good news is that it is not that difficult to be an outstanding manager. You just have to master 5 relatively simple skill sets, and have a system that means you use them consistently.  We will talk about the system some other time.  For now … [Continue reading]

Update on the Be A Better Manager Book

You may already know that for some time I have been threatening to write the book on 'How to Be A Better Manager'. And I still am. But I have been thinking a bit about what I am actually trying to achieve with writing the book, and how best to … [Continue reading]

9 Ways to Be A Better Manager

If you like what you read then please join us using the form on the right. 1  Value Your Role as a Manager I meet so many apologetic managers.  Managers who really wish they weren't. Managers who see entering management as a step towards the dark … [Continue reading]

Why is Giving Feedback so Hard?

I recently had a meeting with a manager that I had worked with and he asked me about a challenge he was facing in putting feedback into practice. We had worked on helping him to use both affirming and adjusting feedback. Affirming feedback is … [Continue reading]